Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nokia Best Tool v3.07 (No Real Version)

Posted by on Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nokia [BEST] v 3.07-MTKx, Lumia and update the NXP USB Flashing improved

-WP8x: USB flashing
flashing problem Fixed revised with Lumia 822 and the same model
FlashEngine updated
-MTKx: FlashEngine updated and revised
an increase in cell phone MTKx semi-die blink
Several bug fixes and other improvements enhanced service operations

-NXP: ADB layer updated-jobs are more stable and fast with X/XL/X 2/XL4G
-NXP : ADB mode (NXP Tools) improved operating
-WP8x: Service Mode init revised for some models

User Data Operations improved
-NXP: PhoneBook extraction is enabled for NXP1 and NXP2 platform
support: Nokia X XL, Nokia, Nokia XL4G, Nokia, Nokia X 2 X +
output formats: TXT, CSV, VCF, VCFv3
-MTKx: PhoneBook extraction revised to the new version of SW

DB updated NaviManager revised and updated
All the latest FW for MTKx and Lumia models including
[Info] : NaviBase released as a separate package!
[Info]: MS not releasing new firmware to the latest MTKx and Lumia on the current scheme (fire) again!

Nokia Best Tool v3.07 Download
(Tool Ini Belum Di Test,Silahkan Test Oleh Masiang-Masing)

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