Thursday, 26 July 2018

How To Get Adsense Approved 2016 | Adsense Approval Trick

Posted by on Thursday, 26 July 2018

Hello friends, Now there is no need to buy adsense account i am here giving my adsense approval trick for free . I have got so many adsense approval now i can guarantee you if you follow my adsense tricks you will guarantee get full approved adsense account within 5 days . Follow adsense approval trick:

1- Must have old domain atleast 1 year old .

2- Must have 20 pages with 1000 to 2000 words each .

3- Must have real and genuine content (no copyright)

4- Must have all non watermark images on it .

5- Must have Robots.txt file on it . 6- Must have privacy policy,contact and about me page on the site .

If you follow the above adsense apprvoal trick you will get 100% approval on any website you submit to adsense . This video is all about how to get adsense approve 2016 and on how to get genuine adsense account that can be used on your website or on youtube videos . There are few adsense approval trick 2018 that i will reveal in this video that you must follow to get genuine adsense account approved on your name .

I get asked many times daily how to get google adsense approved so for those people i hope this video will help them in getting approved adsense account . Wish You SUccess, Sumit Kapoor (moneybank35i - money bank )

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